startup help

My name is Kris Nair and I tried building more than half-a-dozen companies and failed at most of them (except one). I have been associated with venture capital firms and fundssince 2007 and managed funds like Opdrage, IncuCapital, TIG and FirstLight, Shell.

Update: I’ve said ‘bye’ to the investment profession some months back and focusing on a startup in the technology space.

My new startup fusedcow Inc. is a Product Information Modeling firm, which aims to add steroids to the current Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry and help realize it’s true potential.  I’m responsible for the business design, products, platform innovation, science and culture.

If you want, I’d love to help you with your startup. Ping me for a slot in my calendar (post 6.30PM / anyday / Bandra West) for coffee if you’re in Mumbai. I’ll pay for my coffee. 

Note: I’m not interested (never was and never will be) in consulting or mentoring or your stock options or your money. 

 If you are looking for startup tools (tech and media) I use, please go here