My name is Kris Nair and I'm an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist turned business-designer.
My work moves around the intersection of technology, design, architecture, venture capital, psychology, economics and applied physics. I work with startups and large corporations on business design and future design.
In my work, it starts with ideas. It starts with design. It starts with writing. It starts with strategy.
In my work, It starts with getting started.


God I love @TripleJ’s Like A Version. This is easily one of the greats.

Chet Faker covers Sonia Dada ‘(Lover) You Don’t Treat Me No Good’

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You can hear Geoff Brumfiel's full story about cosmic microwave background (the thermal radiation left over from the Big Bang) here.

I dunno, that pigeon looks really skeptical

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Read the fucking post

Believe in your fucking self.
Stay up all fucking night.
Work outside of your fucking habits.
Know when to fucking speak up.
Fucking collaborate.
Don’t fucking procrastinate.
Get over your fucking self.
Keep fucking learning.
Form follows fucking function.
A computer is a Lite-Brite for
bad fucking ideas.
Find fucking inspiration everywhere. Fucking network.
Educate your fucking client.
Trust your fucking gut.
Ask for fucking help.
Make it fucking sustainable.
Question fucking everything.
Have a fucking concept.
Learn to take some fucking criticism. Make me fucking care.
Use fucking spell check.
Do your fucking research.
Sketch more fucking ideas.
The problem contains the fucking solution.
Think about all the fucking possibilities.

A single ray of light from a distant star falling upon the eye of a tyrant in bygone times, may have altered the course of his life, may have changed the destiny of nations, may have transformed the surface of the globe, so intricate, so inconceivably complex are the processes of nature.

— Nikola Tesla

it normally takes the telecoms industry 4 years to spot a good idea, 4 years to implement it, and another 4 years to realise it was too late

Treat your user/customer like your mother.

I had a long chat with my mother about what we are building at fusedcow. I’m sure she was confused, and i explained it again and again about how stuff works, what is 5D design, and how building codes change. I did it patiently and took me an hour and half to explain everything. 

I face the same problem with my end-customers and sometimes they think we are a design firm, and we are not. That makes me angry and I’m sure I need to work on what we communicate to our end users. They really don’t care whether you are using Revit or Laravel. But then, why we really don’t get angry when we are explaining things to our parents? 

Maybe it is time to consider a different approach: 

Treat your user/customer like your mother. 

They are cute, and they might ‘get’ what you are doing, but they don’t most the time. 

Whatever the scenario maybe, try to simplify or over simplify, tell them why you are doing this and how much this is important to the world and her.  Take time, and explain slowly, with empathy. Listen to everything she says, sometimes that is the only thing they expect. 

She has the right to yell at you. But love your user unconditionally. Because when every door you know shuts, she will be the only one who will motivate you and stand by you. 

Create an amazing product which solves a real problem. Make her proud so that she will tell her friends about it. 

Try to spend more time with her. It is good for you and your product. Have you called her lately? 

Everything i love in the world is included in this amazing show-reel by Eric Magnan. 

The web is the future of journalism, but let’s be honest: the future isn’t living up to expectations. Newspapers and magazines have cut back on in-depth reporting. Gossip sites have proliferated. The web has become a byword for fast and cheap. Why isn’t it synonymous with fearless, investigative and enthralling writing?