My name is Kris Nair and I'm an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist turned business-designer.
My work moves around the intersection of technology, design, architecture, venture capital, psychology, economics and applied physics. I work with startups and large corporations on business design and future design.
In my work, it starts with ideas. It starts with design. It starts with writing. It starts with strategy.
In my work, It starts with getting started.
When Edison invented a viable light bulb he knew that for the viable product to become the mainstay of a viable business, the country needed to be electrified. He knew his customers did not have electricity at home. Electrification was more than a product, it was a whole ecosystem of products. People like Edison did not build companies around single products and then forsake all they learned for some other technological field, they built many companies and many products based around a fundamental secular technological shift. As an investor, you should do the same.
The map of ‘internet’ in June 1970.

The map of ‘internet’ in June 1970.

Sequoia Capital India has an image problem, and why outbound programs of Indian VCs usually suck

I’m sure most of you saw this Secret thread on the most visible seed+growth venture capital fund, backed companies like (you all know the list)

One investment professional responsible for the seed program of Sequoia India was the key target of this Secret conversation, and it was all ugly. 

First things first: THIS IS A FUCKING PR NIGHTMARE for any fund. 

Some Sequoia backed entrepreneurs joined the thread & tried to firefight the scenario, and got trolled by a dozen people who claimed to met this professional in question.

I don’t know much about the truth in this case, but I had long conversations with some of the portfolio entrepreneurs (past/current) of the Fund, and this is not good for the fund, firm, and the ecosystem. 

We are going through tough times in the ecosystem, where most Series Seed/A funds exhausted their capital for fresh investments, and relatively difficult for entrepreneurs to raise capital in favorable terms. I hope the Bros. in the investment business shake things up and grow a pair and some empathy soon. 

You see, Plato once said “VCs are not in the investment business - they are in the co-creating business”. 

Plato is the best.



Alright, off you go. 



God I love @TripleJ’s Like A Version. This is easily one of the greats.

Chet Faker covers Sonia Dada ‘(Lover) You Don’t Treat Me No Good’

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You can hear Geoff Brumfiel's full story about cosmic microwave background (the thermal radiation left over from the Big Bang) here.

I dunno, that pigeon looks really skeptical

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Read the fucking post

Believe in your fucking self.
Stay up all fucking night.
Work outside of your fucking habits.
Know when to fucking speak up.
Fucking collaborate.
Don’t fucking procrastinate.
Get over your fucking self.
Keep fucking learning.
Form follows fucking function.
A computer is a Lite-Brite for
bad fucking ideas.
Find fucking inspiration everywhere. Fucking network.
Educate your fucking client.
Trust your fucking gut.
Ask for fucking help.
Make it fucking sustainable.
Question fucking everything.
Have a fucking concept.
Learn to take some fucking criticism. Make me fucking care.
Use fucking spell check.
Do your fucking research.
Sketch more fucking ideas.
The problem contains the fucking solution.
Think about all the fucking possibilities.