about me


Hello! My name is Kris Nair and I am an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist turned entrepreneur. 

I’ve been building companies since 1999 and helping entrepreneurs to achieve greatness since 2007. 

I have had my fingers in everything. It is my tendency to jump around from hobby to hobby, from task to task, with little or no warning, and with much undue haste. This has always been a problem for me.

I’m passionate about near earth objects, entrepreneurship, chaos, ‘program’ of complexity economics, philosophy of randomness, espresso, poetry, physics and carnatic music.

You can take a look at my full bio here and I look like this

When I grow up, I want to fly like the superman and when I grow up, I want to make the world suck less. 

I like getting emails. Don’t you? 

(don’t you like to write emails?. I do because it’s such a swell way to keep from working and yet feel you’ve done something.)